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S.T.A.R. - (Supporting Teens At Risk)

STAR is a 12-Week educational course for youth that provides them with life skills and in turn, helps them make positive choices when faced with difficult decisions. Topics covered include:

  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Grieving
  • Anger Management
  • Cultural Roots of Violence
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence Building
  • Sexual Assault
  • Dress for Success



Own-N-Up is a program that teaches how to accept responsibility for your actions.  As finger pointing increases and people blame others for their shortcomings, Own-N-Up serves as a vehicle to implement the traits of character to build excellence in our lives. To further explain our purpose; individuals are increasingly blaming others for their shortcomings, seeking opportunities to remove any responsibility while jeopardizing essential life principles.  Regardless if you are working, attending school, seeking personal growth, or running for President, Own-N-Up teaches crucial, yet simple concepts recognized by all. It is a program for participants to live up to their true potential by developing edifying practices from their personal life to the social arena.


One-To-One Mentoring

One 2 One Mentors is a non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting, training and monitoring Mentors with in the High Desert community for supportive, one on one mentoring, by breaking down barriers and bridging the gap from hopelessness to fulfillment through caring relationships for youth and adults, and in return we will help them become productive members of the community.

There are two types of mentoring that we provide: Group and Individual Mentoring

Group Mentoring - Group mentoring includes separate group sessions for boys and girls. Topics discussed in these sessions vary and include issues that youth are facing at home and at school. A Youth Coordinator facilitates discussion and allows youth to self-reflect and problem solve as a group.

Individual Mentoring - Individual, or One-on-One mentoring, matches a youth with an adult who is carefully screened and trained in addressing the needs of today's youth. Adults who are interested in becoming mentors go through an application process where they fill out an application, are interviewed, and then fingerprinted. Once fingerprinting is cleared by the California Department of Justice, prospective mentors are placed in orientation and training. When completed, they are eligible to be matched with a youth for minimum of two-years.


Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse is a 12-week series that educates youth on the mental and physical effects of drugs and alcohol abuse through information from peers, guest speakers, personal reflection, and video presentations. Youth are educated on the detrimental effects of different drugs on the mind and body.


Family Support

Family Support involves the entire family in a comprehensive look at problems families are facing at home. This educational component includes family dynamics, roles and responsibilities of each family member, etc. This program encourages teamwork between family members, and empowers families to work together to combat the daily influences that promote negative and self-destructive behavior that are aimed at families and youth in particular.


Peer Leadership

Peer Leaders are youth who graduate from the STAR or Substance Abuse programs, who show an interest in becoming a Peer Leader and who meet eligibility criteria. Peer Leaders assist peers in developing perspective and solutions to problems. Peer Leaders are taught listening and communication skills, and ways to enhance a peer's self esteem. Peer Leaders learn the rewards of giving back to their community.



 Your child has the opportunity to participate in a new community service program focused on teaching young girls that life is about living with the choices they make today. Our goal is to empower "at risk" youth with the necessary tools to achieve a greater sense of self-worth in a very honest forum. This program will be conducted on site at One 2 One Mentors, Inc. in a safe, secure, and well monitored environment. Presenters are carefully screened inmates from the Federal Correction Complex located in Victorville who will present honest life experiences on the criminal justice system which will not glorify prison life or "victimization" by their life circumstances or the criminal justice system. This program will allow inmates to share their personal journeys, subsequent consequences, and the impact their choices have had on themselves and others. The inmate participants have accepted personal responsibility for their past choices and will mentor and encourage these young girls to make healthy and productive choices.



If you are interested in learning more about these programs or would like to volunteer, please feel free to contact us at (760) 245-1997.